Fake Tan Tips

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brisbane makeup artist kate witheringtonI am always asked for a good fake tan. This is where you can get it.


There's only one and its a gel. It is rather cheap and easy to apply, it's a good colour and dries fast. It still smells (they all do) but I always receive lots of positive comments when I wear it.

How to apply it for best results:

1. Shower and shave legs

2. Dry off completely (little bit damp can make it streaky)

3. Do a bit at a time (eg. arms)

4. Wash hands in between. Don't wipe away on the dry patches like knees or you'll end up with a white patch

5. Don't use too much as this will cause it to streak as well

6. Wait for a bit then just put your pj's on

7. ALWAYS do this at night before bed as the smell gets worse.  Do you really want to be wearing a mini skirt as your poorly applied tan develop?

8. Shower in the morning - it doesn't even come off on white towels.

PS. Be a bit careful around your wrists.

These tips are courtesy of Kate Witherington


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