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... am about to reveal you the 13 biggest mistakes girls usually do when applying their makeup for the party night. I will also show you the things you should and shouldn't do! The first mistake happens ...
2. Fake Tan Tips
... cause it to streak as well 6. Wait for a bit then just put your pj's on 7. ALWAYS do this at night before bed as the smell gets worse.  Do you really want to be wearing a mini skirt as your poorly ...
3. Makeup Brushes Tips
... brush on a white plate. This way, when you clean your brush, you can see the colour on the plate. When the plate is clean and the water runs clear, you know the brush is washed. Let it dry overnight. ...
... about the style of makeup you prefer. Things to consider include; Night time or day time wedding ? Night time weddings are typically more formal than day time weddings. For a night time wedding consider ...

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